Warehouse Workshops

Warehouse Workshops provides a dynamic and interactive monthly professional development experience for filmmakers in Los Angeles. Events include opportunities to learn from experienced industry professionals including, hands-on film and lighting workshops, interaction with industry vendors, and engage in meaningful conversations with fellow filmmakers. Past Instructors have included members of the International Cinematographers Guild, Local 600, and the American Society of Cinematographers such as Shane Hurlbutt, ASC.

Cory Media Group

Cory Media Group is a full-service media agency offering high-end real estate photography, aerial/drone photos & video, and breath taking cinematic videography, serving the Central Valley & all of California.

Club Psora

Founded by Miriam Thom, Club Psora is the first membership program for naturally healing skin conditions such as psoriasis, Eczema, TSW, and other skin conditions.

Film Owl Productions

Film Owl Productions is a multi-faceted production company offering a wide array of services such as video production, graphic design, and animation. We take the time to realistically assess organizations’ and individual businesses needs to efficiently execute custom content solutions.

The V Channel

Raising good kids has never been easy. Given today’s hectic lifestyles, demanding work schedules, distractions from the media and 24/7 connections, it’s harder than ever. Many parents find themselves taking short cuts—making demands, threatening, pleading with and even bribing kids to “be good.” Such tactics may work in the short term but do nothing to help build kids’ character.The V Channel’s (TVC) core belief is simple: “If we want to raise good kids we have to take the time and teach them how to be good.”It all begins with the VIRTUES FROM “A” TO “Z”.

Phoenix Producer's Group

An award-winning production company with decades of experience producing for public media— creating inspiring entertainment honoring American heritage and educating audiences of all ages.

Pilots Props and Planes

Pilots, Props and Planes is to television what Air Shows are to the general public. You don’t have to own an airplane or be a pilot to “enjoy the show.”Among the themes to be featured are: “Medi-Vac”, pilots, planes and crew; “Crop-Dusters” The stunt flyers of Agriculture; “Police in the air” – fixed wing and helicopter; and “Forest Service Fire Fighters” – air tankers. Each program will include “Bill’s Scrapbook”, archival footagefrom the Phoenix Producers Group library.

iq Company

iQ Company’s history shows a decades-long focus on the invention and implementation of intelligent systems incorporating collective intelligence, artificial intelligence, and most recently blockchain technology.  Prior to founding iQ Company, Dr. Kaplan studied with the co-inventors of Artificial Intelligence at Carnegie Mellon University.

iq Studios

iQ Studios is a video production company focused on raising public awareness of important topics that affect humanity's future including Collective Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and the evolution of Planetary Intelligence.

Go Creative Group

Digital campaigns and content for companies and people with purpose.

Theresa Soares

Theresa Soares Photojournalist
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